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訂造西裝, 西裝訂造, 度身訂造西裝 -men suit02
訂造西裝, 西裝訂造, 度身訂造西裝 -pic04



【 Casual Blazer 】 | Leisure Suit | 「Flint Tailor」

Casual Blazer | Leisure Suit

Enlighten Your Style

Enlighten Your Style

Casual and casual, Casual Blazer adds charm to you ​

Free and unrestrained, Leisure Suit shows your casual attitude

Flint Tailor provides you with Casual Blazer and Leisure Suit customization services! Whether it's a casual gathering or a business occasion, our well-tailored casual suits will add confidence and charm to you. With high-quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, our professional tailoring team will tailor-make casual suits in a variety of styles, comfortable and fitting for you, allowing you to exude casualness and elegance at all times. Let Flint Tailor be your stylish way to express your personality!

At Flint Tailor, we understand the importance of casual style, so our Casual Blazer and Leisure Suit services are focused on giving you a unique, on-trend look. Whether you prefer classic simplicity or trendy personality, we’ve got you covered. We not only provide a variety of styles and colors to choose from, but also pay attention to the details of each suit, allowing you to easily show your fashion sense in any occasion. Give your casual fashion a new lease of life with Flint Tailor!

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Custom Casual Blazer ‧ Package

Casual Blazer,Leisure Suit ​-4

Suit Jacket x 1pc

Casual Blazer,Leisure Suit ​-5

Shirt x 3pcs

Casual Blazer,Leisure Suit ​-6

Trousers x 1pair

HKD$ 3,980
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Tailor made shirt ‧ Package

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Shirt x 3pcs

HKD$ 1,499

Suit uniform ‧ Services

Customized Leisure Suit ‧ Styles

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Casual Blazer ‧ Concept

The Casual Blazer is a stylish item that combines elements of a blazer and casual clothing. It is usually made of lightweight, comfortable fabrics such as cotton, linen or blended fabrics, focusing more on comfort and casualness than traditional suits. Casual Blazer’s design is inspired by traditional blazers, but is more casual and casual in cut and style, often with looser cuts, lighter textures and more diverse color options. Often paired with jeans, slacks or trousers, it can be worn for casual occasions, date events or everyday life to create a stylish and effortless look. The introduction of Casual Blazer makes suit jackets no longer limited to formal occasions, but has become an important item in fashion trends, bringing more choices and flexibility to the wearer.​

Leisure Suit ‧ Importance

The importance of Leisure Suit in the fashion industry is self-evident. It not only has the flexibility to be worn on many occasions and can be adapted to formal business occasions and casual social activities, but also focuses on comfort and uses lightweight and soft fabrics to make the wearer feel relaxed and comfortable when wearing it. At the same time, casual suits incorporate fashion elements, have a more casual and avant-garde design style, and can show the wearer’s personalized fashion attitude. Its personalized customization service attracts many fashion enthusiasts, allowing them to customize unique casual suits that suit their own tastes and needs. To sum up, casual suits play an important role in the modern fashion world. They not only meet the wearers’ dressing needs, but also provide them with a platform to show their personality and fashion taste.​

Casual Blazer ‧ Features and styles

Casual Blazer features lightweight comfort, casual design, diverse styles and rich color choices. Made from lightweight, comfortable fabrics, it has a looser cut and a more casual design that doesn’t stick to the traditional formal suit style. Casual Blazer has a variety of styles to choose from, including single-button, double-button, slim or loose styles, as well as rich color options, suitable for various wearing needs in different occasions. As an important item in fashion trends, Casual Blazer can meet the wearer’s needs for fashionable taste and comfort, and has become an indispensable choice for modern men.​

Latest Series

Casual Blazer: Light and comfortable, details show quality

Leisure Suit: Leisure life, Casual Blazer accompanies you to spend quality time

“Flint Tailor” is your one-stop destination for all your custom Casual Blazer needs. Our company not only specializes in providing professional custom-made services for men and women Casual Blazer, but also provides convenient door-to-door service to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Whether you need a custom Casual Blazer, pants, suits, or even women’s custom pants, we have you covered.

We understand customers may have questions about fabric selection, turnaround times, styles and pricing. Our dedicated team at Flint Tailor are on hand to answer all your questions and provide expert advice to ensure you get the perfect custom Casual Blazer, shirt, suit and trouser to suit your preferences and budget.

For those looking for high-quality suits that stand out, look no further than Flint Tailor. Our reputation for excellence makes us the first choice for discerning clients. Whether it is the workplace or special occasions such as weddings and anniversary dinners, we provide a variety of different styles of customized Casual Blazers, suit pants, brother suits, brother shirts, sister skirts, and sister shirts for you to choose from, making you stand out in any occasion.

Experience unparalleled craftsmanship and personal service from Flint Tailor. Visit our suit store today to find the perfect custom solution for your wardrobe needs.

“Flint Tailor” is a group of experts specializing in suit customization, so you can fully trust our capabilities. We provide different services like suit, bespoke suit, tailor made suit, customized suits, customized shirts, tailor made shirts, suit uniform, suit store, plus size suit, casual blazer, leisure suit, waistcoat, suit vest, customized trousers, tailor made trousers, and other services to meet your various needs.

Leisure Suit ​ · Design and trends

Leisure Suit ​

The design and trend of Leisure Suit are reflected in the focus on comfort, diversified style designs, the integration of fashion elements, personalized customization services, and attention to sustainable fashion. These trends have made leisure suits the focus of the fashion industry. and objects of attention.​

Focus on comfort

Today's casual suit designs pay more attention to the wearer's comfort, using light and soft fabrics and looser cuts, making people feel relaxed and comfortable when wearing them.

Integration of fashion elements

Casual suit designs tend to incorporate more fashion elements, such as printed patterns, contrasting color designs, splicing details, etc., as well as sports-style elements, making them more in line with current trends.

Personalized customization services

Customization services for casual suits are gradually gaining popularity. Wearers can customize exclusive casual suits according to their personal preferences and needs. Personalized customization services have become part of the trend.

Diversified style designs

The design styles of casual suits have become more diverse. In addition to the traditional single-button or double-button designs, various innovative style designs have also appeared, such as asymmetric buttons, zipper decoration, etc., making casual suits more diverse. More fashionable.

Casual Blazer ​​ ‧ With Suggestions

Pair it with jeans or casual pants:

The most common way to wear the Casual Blazer is with jeans or casual pants. This combination can not only show a sense of casualness, but also maintain a sense of fashion.

Choose the right shirt:

When matching shirts, you can choose shirts in similar or complementary colors, such as white, light blue or gray. In addition, you can also choose printed shirts or plaid shirts to add interest to the overall look.

Flexible use of layering:

In cold weather, you can wear a thick coat over the Casual Blazer, or wear a sweater underneath to increase the warmth.


Choice of accessories:

Accessories are crucial to the matching of Casual Blazer. You can choose a delicate belt, a stylish watch or a pair of leather shoes to add highlights to the overall look.

Choose a style according to the occasion:

Choose the appropriate Casual Blazer style according to different occasions. For example, a single-button style is suitable for formal occasions, while a double-button or asymmetrical design is more suitable for casual occasions.

Dress with Confidence:

The most important thing is to project a confident attitude when wearing Casual Blazer. No matter what combination you choose, it should show your personality and fashion sense.

Casual Blazer ​​ ‧ Notice

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Custom-made Casual Blazers take a while to complete, so customers need to order in advance to ensure they receive the custom-made trousers in time for their wedding or other important occasion.


Customizing a Casual Blazer usually takes longer than an off-the-shelf Casual Blazer, so customers need to determine their own budget and negotiate with the manufacturer.

Fabrics and craftsmanship

Customized Casual Blazers usually use high-quality and comfortable fabrics, and customers need to confirm the quality and workmanship of the fabrics.

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Leisure Suit · Value

Leisure Suit has important value in modern society. Its versatility allows the wearer to show different images and styles in various occasions. At the same time, the comfortable fabric and loose tailoring bring the wearer a comfortable feeling. Casual suits combine leisure and fashion elements and can show the wearer's fashion attitude and personality through personalized matching. Personalization services provide wearers with the opportunity to customize their own suits, making them stand out in the fashion world. Wearing a casual suit that suits you can not only improve your self-confidence, but also create a good image and show your gentlemanly demeanor and elegance. To sum up, the important value of Leisure Suit in the fashion industry lies in its versatility, comfort, fashion expression, personalized customization services, and role in enhancing self-confidence and image, making it an indispensable fashion item in modern society. one.​

【 Casual Blazer 】 | Leisure Suit | 「Flint Tailor」​

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