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訂造西裝, 西裝訂造, 度身訂造西裝 -men suit02
訂造西裝, 西裝訂造, 度身訂造西裝 -pic04



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Waistcoat | Suit Vest

Enlighten Your Style

Enlighten Your Style

Professional Suit Vest | Flint Tailor - Waistcoat

Waistcoat, create your own style

Flint Tailor provides you with quality Waistcoat and Suit Vest services. We understand the importance of a vest in creating the perfect outfit, so we are dedicated to tailoring an exquisite vest to your personal taste and needs. Whether it's adding a professional vibe to a business occasion or adding sophisticated glamor to a special occasion, we've got you covered. Through selected fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, we are committed to creating comfortable, fitting, elegant and refined vests for you, so that you can confidently look your best in any occasion.

At Flint Tailor, our Waistcoat and Suit Vest pay attention to detail and quality, insisting on customer needs as the center, providing you with personalized Waistcoat | Suit Vest customization services. No matter what your fabric, color or style requirements are, we can meet your expectations and create a one-of-a-kind vest that reflects your personality and taste. Whether you are a business elite or a fashionista, we can customize the perfect vest for you, allowing you to exude confidence and charm in any occasion. Choose Flint Tailor and let us work together to create your unique dressing style and achieve exquisite taste!

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Custom Suit ‧ Package

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Suit Jacket x 1pc

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Shirt x 3pcs

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Trousers x 1pair

HKD$ 3,980
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Tailor made shirt ‧ Package

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Shirt x 3pcs

HKD$ 1,499

Suit uniform ‧ Services

Tailor Made Trousers ‧ Styles

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Waistcoat ‧ Definition

A Waistcoat is a top worn closely between a shirt and a coat, usually sleeveless and with an open front. Vests are usually made of fabric, such as wool, silk, or cotton, and have front buttons or buttons for closure. It is designed so that it covers the chest and abdomen, but usually does not cover the lower body. Vests are commonly worn for formal occasions such as business meetings, formal dinners or weddings, but can also be worn as a fashion accessory in casual settings.

Waistcoat ‧ Importance

Waistcoats play an important role in dressing up. As part of a suit, a vest not only completes the overall attire, enhances the wearer’s image and temperament, but also highlights professionalism and formality in business situations. It is also one of the ways to express your personality and taste through your choice of styles and fabrics. In addition, the vest can also play a thermal role in the cold season, providing the wearer with extra comfort and warmth. To sum up, vests not only decorate and enhance the appearance, but are also of great significance in terms of wearing comfort and personal expression.

Suit Vest ‧ Significance

Suit Vest has great significance in dressing. As one of the components of a suit, a suit vest not only completes the overall attire, enhances the wearer’s image and temperament, but also brings many benefits to the wearer. First, it adds layering and depth to the outfit, making the wearer look more sophisticated and professional. Secondly, a suit vest can provide extra warmth in cold weather and increase the wearer’s comfort. In addition, it is also one of the important ways to show personality and taste. Wearers can show their unique style by choosing vests of different styles, colors and fabrics. In general, Suit Vest has an irreplaceable importance in dressing. It can not only improve the overall image, but also enhance the wearer’s confidence and charm.

Latest Series

Customize your Waistcoat for an extraordinary journey

Suit Vest, perfect customization, full of quality

“Flint Tailor” is your one-stop destination for all your custom suit and vest needs. The company not only specializes in providing professional tailor-made services for men and women’s suits, but also provides convenient door-to-door services to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. Whether you need a blazer, suit, or even women’s custom trousers, we’ve got you covered.

We understand customers may have questions about fabric selection, turnaround times, styles and pricing. Our dedicated team at Flint Tailor are on hand to answer all your questions and provide expert advice to ensure you get the perfect bespoke gilet, shirt, suit and trousers to suit your preferences and budget.

For those looking for high-quality suits that stand out, look no further than Flint Tailor. Our reputation for excellence makes us the first choice for discerning clients. Whether it is the workplace or special occasions such as weddings and anniversary dinners, we provide a variety of different styles of customized suit vests, suit pants, brother suits, brother shirts, sister skirts, and sister shirts for you to choose from, making you stand out in any occasion.

Experience unparalleled craftsmanship and personal service from Flint Tailor. Visit our suit store today to find the perfect custom solution for your wardrobe needs.

“Flint Tailor” is a group of experts specializing in suit customization, so you can fully trust our capabilities. We provide different services like suit, bespoke suit, tailor made suit, customized suits, customized shirts, tailor made shirts, suit uniform, suit store, plus size suit, casual blazer, leisure suit, waistcoat, suit vest, customized trousers, tailor made trousers, and other services to meet your various needs.

Suit Vest · Functions and effects

Suit Vest

As a fashion accessory, Suit Vest not only decorates and enhances the appearance, but also has multiple functions such as regulating body temperature and increasing comfort, making it an indispensable part of dressing.​

Improve image

Suit Vest can add layering and sophistication to the overall outfit, making the wearer look more professional, elegant and fashionable. It fills the gap between the top and jacket perfectly, making the overall look more complete and organized.

Adding a sense of layering

The layering of vests visually adds a sense of layering to the outfit, making the wearer look more three-dimensional and in-depth. This layering draws the eye and makes the overall look more dramatic.

Regulates Body Temperature

Vests can provide extra warmth in cold weather, providing the wearer with a feeling of comfort and warmth. Even in the warmer months, a vest can provide some warmth during the early morning or evening hours.

Show personality

Vests come in a variety of designs, with different colors, fabrics and styles, providing the wearer with a wealth of choices to show their personality and taste. Wearers can choose the appropriate vest style according to their own preferences and the needs of the occasion, showing their unique personality and style.

Waistcoat ​​ ‧ Design and production


The design of a vest requires careful planning from style to detail. Designers decide the basic style, cutting method, neckline design, etc. of the vest based on fashion trends and customer needs. Fabric selection and color schemes will be considered to ensure the look and function of the vest blend seamlessly.

Fabric Selection:

Fabric is one of the key factors in making a vest. High-quality fabrics can determine the texture and comfort of a vest. Commonly used fabrics for making vests include wool, silk, cotton, etc. Each fabric has its own characteristics and applicable occasions.

Cutting and Tailoring:

Making a vest requires precise cutting and tailoring work. The cutter cuts the fabric into components of appropriate sizes according to the design drawings to ensure fabric utilization and cutting accuracy.

Sewing and assembly:

The cut fabrics are sent to the sewing workshop for sewing and assembly. Craftsmen use professional sewing machines and techniques to sew the various parts together to complete the basic structure of the vest.

Detail processing:

During the production process, various details of the vest also need to be processed, such as edge processing, button installation, pocket sewing, etc. These detail jobs require patience and fine technique to ensure the quality and beauty of the vest.

Quality inspection:

After production is completed, the vest needs to undergo strict quality inspection. Quality inspectors will check whether each part of the vest meets the design requirements and whether there are flaws or defects to ensure that the product quality meets the standards.

Suit Vest ​ ​​ ‧ Notice

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Customized Suit Vests take a while to complete, so customers need to order in advance to ensure they receive their customized Suit Vest ​ in time for their wedding or other important occasion.


Customized Suit Vests are usually more expensive than off-the-shelf Suit Vests, so customers need to determine their own budget and negotiate with the manufacturer.

Fabrics and craftsmanship

Customized Suit Vest usually uses high-quality fabrics, and customers need to confirm the quality and workmanship of the fabrics.

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Waistcoat ​​ · Customization and personalization

Customization and personalization of vests is an important way to meet personal needs and express unique taste. By being custom-made, a vest can perfectly fit the wearer's body shape, improve comfort, and highlight personal strengths and characteristics. In addition, customized vests provide a wealth of design options, including styles, colors, fabrics, etc. Wearers can create a personalized vest according to their own preferences and style. Customized details are also key to personalization, allowing the wearer to tailor a variety of details to their personal needs, making the vest more personal and exclusive.

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